Family Squad - Creating, Connecting, & Cultivating

What We Do

We distinguish a family of pre-screened legal, financial, and mental health professionals. We also distinguish a family of businesses that provide any other services that are often needed for the demanding challenges of today's fast paced lifestyles. We arrange exclusive offers and rates for our members to receive these services. Whether in need of an attorney, insurance agent, counselor, a cleaning crew, credit repair, financial advice or health and beauty secrets, it is all right here.

Welcome to the Family

Whether you join us as a member, professional, or business, at Family Squad you are no longer one, but a part of the family. Our family understands that family structures continue to change as our society evolves. We strive to create, connect, and cultivate family values. We define family values as a mutual respect between all members of a family and a mutual consideration for the needs of all members of the family. Family values should remain and grow in strength for the benefit of the children and individuals involved. Family Squad creates a family of highly qualified professionals and businesses that believe in this and extends the notion of a family outside the home and into business dealings. We welcome you into our family.

Professional Providers

Our providers are professionally qualified and trustworthy and understand the challenges of today's fast paced world. They facilitate business transactions by phone or by meeting members according to their schedules at a mutually convenient location so that our members can continue to meet the demands of their busy lives. They focus on the most efficient route to our members solutions while always adhering to the Family Squad philosophy.  

Partner Businesses

We welcome like minded businesses to join our network. We market your business with a purpose and do so with your donations.